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Customs Brokers System

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computer requirements

entry preparation
automatic operations approval
consolidated entry processing
consist sheet data entry
viatrade data entry

invoice production
billing control
collections and credit control
audit trail
daily accounting
financial statements

sales commission report
revenue reporting
customer shipment report
customer enquiry for sales

system highlights
daily management statistics
departmental activity
customer revenue analysis
activity tracking

common key usage
getting started

demo notes

common key usage

In a data screen:

F2Backs up one field
ENTERMoves to next field
TABOnly use in bracketed fields (<...>) as below
F10Save changes

For fields enclosed in angle (<...>) brackets:
TABFinds record
Page UpFinds previous record
Page DownFinds next record

For fields enclosed in square ([...]) brackets:
F3Pops up a list of choices

In a list:

F10 or ENTERactivates update screen for the selected record
F2Switches between columns
TABFinds records on list ordered by active column
Page Up/Page DownMoves through pages


getting started

  1. When the system starts, you should be greeted with the System Sign on screen (screen title is displayed on the middle of the top line). On the bottom line, it will say "Hit the Space Bar to continue". As a security precaution, check your last sign on date and time prior to hitting the Spacebar to ensure no one else has been using your ID.
  2. After checking the last sign on date and time, hit the spacebar to access the main launchpad program. On the second line, you will see various options including MENU, PROGRAM, IMAIL, LIBRARY, SIGNOFF and QUIT. Use the left and right arrows to move to the desired option and hit ENTER. Alternatively, you may enter the first letter of the desired option as a keyboard shortcut. For example, to access the PROGRAM option, hit "P". To directly access a specific program by number, enter "P#123", where "123" is the desired number of the program.
  3. Hit "M" twice to see the MAIN MENU SYSTEM.
  4. Hit "1" to select IMPORT PROCESSING.
  5. Hit "1" to select Import Entry Processing (P#888).
  6. Hit "B" to access BACF# (the shipment tracking number).
  7. Hit "ESC" or the up arrow to return to the top line.
  8. Hit "A" for Arrivals, followed by "M" for Main.
  9. Explore the program. Note the bottom line often contains useful cues or information Arrivals-Add is used to create new shipments.


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