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system requirements


Accord's software suite can be used with a wide range of popular database formats, including:

  • IBM DB2
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Pervasive SQL
  • MySQL
  • Postgre

computer requirements

Workstations (thin, fit and full)

  • console model for Import/2020 and AccountMaster can be Windows or Linux
  • Windows GUI - freight forwarding only
  • WebEdition - any modern web browser

Application Server

  • Import/2020 (optional):
    • Windows Terminal Server or Telnet Server
    • Linux
  • WebEdition

Database Server

Selection of a database server is totally at your discretion. You can use whatever machine you wish to host the database.


  • full source code and development licenses are provided, giving you full control over changes and modifications if you wish to do them in-house
  • should you use in-house development, the programming language chosen for new or modified programs will be tied to your choice of database and may well be dictated by existing in-house experience. New development or interfaces to existing systems can be made using a language with which your staff is already familiar. Optionally, new systems could be developed using DataFlex (or Visual DataFlex), the language in which the system is coded.
  • depending on your choice of database, new programs to access or update the Accord system could be written in a variety of languages and reporting packages.
  • Accord is, of course, more than happy to provide some or all of your customization needs to make the system fit the way you wish to do business.


Accord's software suite for customs brokers is developed exclusively using DataAccess Corp.'s DataFlex systems development products (

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